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Nirvana tends to provide it customers with superior quality back packs.Some of the features of NCS back packs are:
1) Wheels and a long handle: Rolling backpacks can be great for taking the load off-but only when the handle is long enough for comfort.

2)Wide, padded straps: Padded straps provide extra comfort on the shoulders. Avoid bags with thin straps that can cut into the skin.

3)Lots of compartments: A backpack will have lots of compartments in various sizes. This enables you to spread the weight around and avoid strain from trying to balance a bottom-heavy bag.

4)”S” straps: Ergonomic S-curved straps help spread the weight around and give arms extra flexibility and maneuverability.

5)Waist strap: A strap around the waistband adds extra stability and reduces stress on those delicate shoulders and necks.

6)Waterproof media pouch: If your child needs to carry around a cell phone or an MP3, the waterproof pouch is a necessity.

7)Water bottle pouch: Keep a water bottle on hand to stay hydrated and to cut down on temptations from sugar-filled drinks.
8)Lockable zippers: If security is a concern, be sure to find a backpack with lockable zipper heads-with holes large enough to enable the user to slip a small lock wire through.

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