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Business card USB Flash Drives make perfect promotional gifts. These cool looking models are the size and shape of your everyday business/credit card and fit comfortably into your wallet or pocket.

The additional benefit of these promotional card USB Flash Drives is their large print areas. Full colour photo quality digital print is available on most of our card USB Flash Drive models.

Business Card / Credit Card Pen Drive can also be used as an excellent promotional tool for your business. Many marketing managers have already realized the potential of these unique flash drives for increasing brand awareness, reaching new customers and improving client retention. These Business Card Flash Drives are suitable for individuals, companies and personalized content creation. You can also use these Business Card/ Name Card USB Drives for advertising and sales promotion, conferences, new product launch or software launch, music or movie release, load your company manual etc.

These slim, wallet-sized Credit Card USB Pen drives are easy to carry around in your wallet, ensuring you always have your most important data nearby. It’s always right there in your wallet. This ease of access and their convenient size make them advantageous to traditional flash drives.

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